Celebrating Our Business and Private Anniversaries

Next year we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of our company’s existence. Because some of our employees have been with the company since its creation and because we highly appreciate their support, work ethics and performance we decided to celebrate our employees’ professional and private anniversaries together with them.

ELDIS Pardubice, s.r.o. is one of several companies which were built on the foundations of the no-longer existing electrical engineering establishment Tesla. The newly created company focused on providing complex solutions for challenging requirements made by clients in the field of air traffic control and air defense systems. Since its birth ELDIS Pardubice, s.r.o. dedicated itself primarily to the development and manufacturing of radar equipment and air traffic control systems. Our experienced team of specialists performs analyses of problems, implementation studies, project management, development of circuits and software, electrical and mechanical designs, functional tests and equipment installation. All products are supplied within the Czech Republic and to over twenty-five countries worldwide.

ELDIS started off as a family-run company and the spirit of togetherness has stayed with us to this date. Although we have more than 250 employees and throughout the company’s existence there have been a total of 500 full-time and part-time workers, there are still people whose employee numbers are 1, 2, 4, 7 and 9 and several other people with employee numbers lower than 50. In addition to a wide range of employee benefits provided to our long-term and loyal workers, ELDIS management will now express its respect for its employees’ efforts with commemorative plaques, thank-you letters, gift packages and contributions to a Benefit card. The employees who celebrate a milestones birthday will receive a gift package as well as a contribution to their Benefit card.