ELDIS to Supply Radars to Three Slovak Military Airports

In the next three years we will provide three military airports with an RPL- 2000 complex radar system which consists of a primary surveillance radar, monopulse secondary surveillance radar and a precision approach radar. The total contract price, excluding VAT, is EUR 19.73 million. This will be another significant addition to our reference contract in a NATO country.

“The tender was announced by the Slovak Ministry of Defense and applied to three military airports, namely Kuchyňa- Malacky, Sliač and Prešov. Our win in this tender will secure three years of work in production and later during installation at the customer’s. In each of the three following years we will supply one system to one airport, the first one being Kuchyňa-Malacky. The last system will be installed at the airport in Prešov in 2023,“ says our CEO Aleš Jedlička.

The RPL-2000 complex radar system belongs to our renowned products. It has been installed in many places abroad and at four military airports within the Czech Republic, specifically in Praha-Kbely, Pardubice, Náměšt nad Oslavou and Čáslav. The system comprises an RL-2000 surveillance radar, an MSSR-1 monopulse secondary surveillance radar and a PAR-E precision approach radar. All the three radars in the RPL-2000 line fully comply with ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards.

This contract is important to us because Slovakia is a NATO member. It is our company’s goal to establish itself more visibly on western markets. For example, we are currently participating in a major German tender for PAR-E precise approach radar. The Slovak market has a future potential for us. First, we can further develop our cooperation with the Ministry of Defense. Second, we can get in touch with the civil aviation sector in which radar systems are going to be replaced over a long period of time. Once we have successfully delivered a contract as significant as this, our chances to assert ourselves in the civil aviation sector will only get bigger,” adds Aleš Jedlička.

The Slovak Ministry of Defense has strict requirements for the serviceability of supplied equipment throughout its entire service life, which is why we competed in this tender, relying on our long-term cooperation with our Slovak business partner company to which we transfer some of our mechanical and electro production of special equipment for radar sets. This cooperation will enable and support maintenance service of our equipment within Slovakia.

Our radar systems to be supplied to Slovak military airports are not designed as primary military equipment; i.e. they are not made for military use, for instance, in that they cannot be used to control fire. Their purpose is to provide a survey of aircrafts near the airport, to perform safe landing guidance and, in case of the secondary radar, to ensure communication with aircrafts.

In 2021 it will have been 30 years from our company’s establishment. In 2019 we attacked a billion turnover and despite the covid-19 pandemic this year’s figures have been good as well. Regardless of many difficulties we are in the process of successfully continuing our work on a momentous project involving thirteen civil airports in China. We managed to exploit the challenging situation to improve our communication with clients as well as supporting documentation for radar testing in an electronic form. The previous months saw implementation of contracts in Malaysia and Bulgaria, to name at least some. The great demand for our services made us build a new production hall and administrative facilities right on our premises. The new buildings will be open in the days to come. The current production and administrative premises will be used for development activities which play the main role in our company’s strategy.