Product description

RL-2000 is the latest generation of ELDIS primary surveillance radars for Terminal Approach Control Area. The radar meets or exceeds EUROCONTROL and ICAO standards. The RL-2000 features fully solid-state highly modular configuration, fail-safe system and low life cycle costs. Standard RL-2000 configuration includes the Meteo Channel. Whole system can be extended by Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar MSSR-1. This configuration extension represents an integrated system solution for TMA.


Receiver is based on superheterodyne type with double frequency down conversion. The high dynamic range is achieved by direct IF A/D conversion. The receiver includes automatic digital gain control and gain calibration. The receiver BITE diagnostics measures on-line receiver performance parameters, including noise figure.


The transmitter is a modular air-cooled solidstate system. The transmitter is operating in full frequency range with frequency diversity for short pulse and long pulse transmission. The transmitter unit is available in two versions - 14 kW or 25 kW, composed of 16 or resp. 32 independent modules. The transmitter assures minimum detection range of 60 NM or resp. 80 NM.


The signal processor is based on 64-bit processors with high computing performance. Adaptive CFAR filtering includes scan to scan evaluation and weather mapping. Extraction process involves amplitude filtering of target coordinates and their accuracy improvement.


Each system equipment or unit is fitted with independent BITE diagnostics to carry out performance monitoring and automatic system backup changeover at system level. LCMS is located on radar site, RCMS can be located in remote technical room in Control tower (TWR), etc. The CMS continuously monitors radar status and performance and allows the authorized personnel to control and adjust radar configuration and parameters remotely. CMS incorporates a user-friendly graphical interface which is used for data and status presentation.

Radar Parameters

Frequency2700 – 2900 MHzMinimum detectable range60 NM (14 kW)
80 NM (25 kW)
Antenna gain34 dBReceiver noise figure1.5 dB
Cone of silence45°Signal processorAdaptive MTD
PolarizationLinear/CircularClutter improvement factor55 dB
Short/Long pulse width2x 1.2 μs
2×40.8 μs
Range accuracy/resolution75 m / 230 m
Long pulse compression ratio1/40.8 (programmable)Azimuth accuracy/resolution0.15° / 2.3° (r.m.s.)
Probability of Detection (RCS=1 m2)< 0.8Target processing capacitymin. 125 / sec
Peak power14 kW
25 kW
Output data formatASTERIX Cat. 034, 048, 008,
001, 002


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