Product description

MSSR-1 – Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar developed by ELDIS Pardubice, s.r.o. – is a fully modular system, which meets or exceeds ICAO and MARK X standards and allows extending of configuration according to specific customer needs for both ATC and Air Defence systems applications.´

Radar configuration

  • Antenna unit (ASSR)
  • Control transponder
  • Dual interrogator-receiver units (Hot master / standby)
  • Dual extractors (Hot master / standby)
  • Maintenance display unit
  • Control and monitoring system

Transmitter / Receiver unit

- Variable output power
- Overload protection
- Automatic calibration and testing using a test signal injection
- Fully duplicated configuration with automatic backup switchover

Display Unit

- Display analogue (RAW) signals
- Extracted digital data, PLOTs and TRACKs
- Mode S information
- Local and remote control and monitoring system


- Circuits for interrogations generation
- Receiving and signal processing in individual interrogation modes
- Extensive BITE internal diagnostics
- Fully duplicated configuration with automatic backup switchover

Antenna Unit ASSR

The unit is composed from antenna pedestal, drive, antenna frame and antenna itself. The drive rotates together with the antenna support frame and the antenna. The unit is fitted with two asynchronous motors, the gear-box, the three-channel rotary joint and two azimuth encoders. High resistance against wind.

Data Processing

- Garble and interference replies suppresion
- Tracking and target correlations
- Mode S information database updating
- Statistical information about targets
- On-line monitoring of signal quality and internal diagnostics
- Variable data interface for ATCC

Extractor Unit

The Extractor analyzes all received signals and detects individual reply codes and aerial targets. It is composed from the reply detection unit, individual modes processing unit and target correlation unit.

Radar Parameters

Frequency band1030 & 1090 MHzAntenna revolutionfrom 4.5 to 15 / min
Antenna gain> 27 dBiAntenna beam width in a horizontal plane2.2° at -3 dB level
Mode1; 2; 3/A; C; Mode S
(up to level 5)
Azimuth accuracy0.06°
Transmitter output peak powermin. 2.6 kWSensitivity for SNR 10dBmin. -83 dBm
Operating temperature range
(outdoor parts of the equipment)
-40 °C to +50 °CDynamic range75 m / 230 m
Operating temperature range
(indoor parts of the equipment)
-10 °C to +50 °CAltitude resolution (mode C/S)100 / 25 feet
Rangefrom 0.5 to 256 NMTargets processing capacitymin. 125 / sec
Range accuracy±27 m (r.m.s.)Output data formatASTERIX Cat. 048, 034, 002, 001



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