ERDIS - ELDIS Radar Display System


ERDIS is a state-of-the-art Air Traffic Management Automation System developed by the company ELDIS Pardubice and designed for the civilian, military and civ/mil joint ATM centres. The ERDIS system supports surveillance and/or procedural air traffic control operations for En-route (ACC), Approach (APP) and Tower (TWR) control and planning air traffic services. System is designed for fail-safe 24/7 operation.costs.

Situation Data Display SDD

Integrated air picture of the controlled area.
- Receive processed data from SDP and FDP, supplemented by aeronautical and meteorological information, tools for aircraft vectoring, geographic maps, etc.
- Operational, bypass, playback modes - system tracks, monoradar / ADS tracks, plots
- Incident Data recording – SDD/FDD screen recording
- Interactive/passive playback mode

Flight Data Display FDD

Integrated environment for Flight Plan Management.
- Management all informations related with flight plans, AFTN messages, restricted areas, etc.
- Allows to the operator handle flight plans data during all the life of FPL in ATM system
- Provides GUI for all types of user defined Information data (automatically or manually received/entered)
- Electronic strips display support

Recording and Playback Facility DRF

24/7 uninterrupted recording of voice communications, all types of video and digital data.
- Data recording to standard HDD Mirror Storage or Hot-Swap HDD Storage
- Minimum 30 days storage capacity on local HDD
- Possibility to back-up on External media
- Interactive/passive playback mode – export to conventional audio/video *.avi format

Flight Data Processor FDP

Flight data and information data processing system.
- Flight Data Processor FDP AFTN, AHMS, ADEXP data reception and processing
- OLDI, AIDC inter centres coordination data processing
- Local flight plans creation and processing
- Route analysis and 4D trajectory calculation
- Information data processing METAR, SPECI, TAF
- Weather data processing from local meteo station
- SSR code management
- Sectorisation and hand-over functions
- Restricted areas management
- Dual redundant system with automatic or manual MASTER/STANDBY switching

Surveillance Data Processor SDP

Multi sensor tracking system.
- Supported surveillance sensors: PSR/(M)SSR radars, ADS-B, WAM, MLAT, ADS-C etc.
- Supported input formats: ASTERIX formats, AIRCAT, CD/2, all other formats delivered with ICD
- Integration with surface movement radar
- Track - FPL automatic/manual correlation
- Emergency SSR codes processing
- Output data format: System tracks and safety nets in ASTERIX format Dual
- Redundant system with automatic or manual MASTER/STANDBY switching
- Safety Nets: Processing of STCA, MSAW, APW and APM warnings MTCD conflicts processing

Control and monitoring system CAM

Operational and Maintenance Supervisor functions.
- Complex Online Diagnostics and Controlling System for ATM System and its Support Tools
- Surveillance sensors monitoring and management
- System maps management
- Graphical user interface for sectorisation

Data Analysis Facility DAF

On-line and off-line system data analysis.
- Input surveillance data and output system tracks analysis
- Flight plan data analysis and statistics
- Traffic flow statistics

Paper strip printing

ACC/APP/TWR paper strip printer management.
- Support for all types of serial or LAN type strip printers
- User defined Strip format (length, width, Item content)

Time Synchronisation

NTP time distribution system support.



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