ADS-B Ground Station


Aircraft equipped by an transponder with extended squitter functionality can automatically and periodically transmit information about their identification, position, speed and other information without being interrogated. This information can be received by the ADS-B Ground Station, which provides information about the movement of these aircraft into the ATC system.

Brief description

- ADS-B Ground Station is designed for installation in rack with possibility of placement both inside and outside the building.
- ADS-B Ground Station includes interfaces for parameters setting, diagnostics and interface for detected data transmition.
- Variable AC/DC Power supply.
- Data interfaces allows connection via metalic or optical cable, modem and via satellite connection.

Brief description

- Available in modular configurations including fully backup system.
- ADS-B Ground Station might be a good MSSR-1 supporting solution.
- The ADS-B System is designed as an unattended system capable operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year while simultaneously performing self-testing and reporting status to the CMS, time of service life of 20 years.

Main Features

- The ADS-B ground station meets EUROCONTROL and ICAO standards including ED-129B, DO-260 (ver. 0), DO-260A (ver. 1), DO-260B (ver. 2).
- Compact solution.
- Variability - open modular architecture, solution flexibility.
- Low power consumption.
- Long range, up to 250NM.
- Default output formats: Asterix CAT21, CAT23, CAT25, CAT247, raw data.

Main Features

- Possibility of integration with other systems: MSSR, TIS-B, MLAT, WAM.
- Control and Monitoring via proprietary/ SNMP protocol.
- The availability of the ADS-B system is greater than 99.9%.
- Antenna types: omni directional, sector or user variable.
- ADS-B ground station can be synchronized from NTP or internal GNSS receiver.

Supported downlink formats

- DF17
- DF18 (CF=0, CF=1)
- DF19 (AF=0)
- DF4, 5
- DF11
- DF20, 21


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