Radar Production Step-by-step

FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

Once the radar has been tested and its overall functionality has been verified, the radar can be handed over to the customer. The handover procedure takes place on our premises in Pardubice, Czech Republic, and, once final assembly has been performed, also at the customer’s. The customer attends the official testing of the whole system and accepts the radar once the testing has been successfully completed. The radar is then disassembled, packed and sent to the customer. The radar can be transported to the customer’s site by road transport, rarely by air, but often by sea.

Installation on-site

When the system is delivered to a designated site its installation is carried out. The installation takes several weeks, depending on the range of assembly work and a radar type. It involves the assembly of radar boxes, connection of wiring, and fitting of the antenna system. The whole system is then tested and local staff is trained. The final installation of our system is performed by the workers from our production hall and from the maintenance service center as they always assemble the same system in the production hall in Pardubice.

SAT (Site Acceptance Test)

At the very end of the delivery process the radar undergoes to final testing by the customer and local authorities. Upon successful completion of all tests, the radar is handed over to the customer for use. Simultaneously, the radar attending staff receives a second training which directly involves the newly installed system.
It is often the case that our specialists also complete data integration of our equipment in the existing air-traffic management equipment used in a given country.

It needs to be emphasized that chemical processes, mechanical production and other technical operations performed by our company involve manipulation with hazardous and other waste and ensuring of its proper disposal. Therefore, the portfolio of our activities also comprises introduction of breakthrough technologies and industrial materials because only this attitude helps us satisfy the ever growing demands of all production departments.