Radar Production Step-by-step

Assembly Hall

The assembly hall is a place where radars are assembled. Specifically, radars are fitted with antenna frames, gearbox frames, engines, antenna containers; radar boxes are completed, wiring is carried out, and radar boxes are equipped with hardware. Furthermore, computers are built according to a required configuration, using outsourced components. Finally, the whole equipment is activated, a radar attendance workplace is assembled and the entire equipment is tested. The assembly of the entire radar equipment is carried out by workers from both the production hall and the maintenance service center.

Software Department

This department is dedicated to the updates and development of radar software components and their subsequent integration in newly assembled radar systems. Only when all software components have been fitted into a newly produced radar system the whole system can be tested in the assembly hall. The Software Department is in charge of complete system diagnostics, system control, and the digital processing of fata detection and their further processing. The development process uses an MSSR testing radar.


Before radar functionality is verified in the presence of the customer a training course is provided to the technical workers who will attend the radar after its installation on the customer’s site. The training course has a theoretical and a practical part. The customer’s staff are trained in radar theories, are informed about the structural design of the radar system and its hardware and software parts. They also receive thorough training in maintenance, small repairs of the equipment, its attendance and detection. During the covid-19 crisis training courses were and still can be delivered online.