Radar Production Step-by-step

A view of a rotating antenna on airport premises makes the word radar come to many people’s mind. As the previous statement suggests the radar is not the part which rotates on the airport tower. It is a highly complex device instead. Before a new radar leaves the factory, its designs and components have to go through several specialized departments. This brief presentation wants to introduce them to you because here in ELDIS we manufacture more than 90% of all radar parts on our own.


The production of ELDIS radars can be compared to the manufacturing of a custom-made car. Our company has created model lines which are partly based on mass production; however, final products are always ‘tailored’ to the specific requirements of individual clients. Our Design Department modifies production documentation so that the final product satisfies the customer’s needs while still complying standards required by international institutions.

Welding Department, Foundry, Machining Department and Lockmith’s Department

Mechanical and structural components of antennas, radar boxes, gearboxes, cast aluminum parts of waveguides, mother board frames and many other structural parts and items are manufactured in production halls there no different from common engineering ones. Our machining department is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machines which produce individual milled and turned parts which even though hidden to one’s eyes are indispensable for the proper functioning of our final products. All sheet metal components and welded structures found in our radars come from our Locksmith’s Department which disposes of, among others, a laser, two press brakes and a welding machine, but its main asset is the extraordinary skills and dedication of its staff. Our own foundry supplies our other departments with aluminum castings which are usually part of waveguide routes. Protective coatings of all of our components are performed on a contractor basis.

Chemical Laboratory

The Department of Chemical Technology serves only the in-house needs of our company and ensures some crucial production process and auxiliary technologies. Its main job is to secure chemical and electrochemical surface treatment, including chromating of aluminum structural components, passivation of tiny stainless semi-finished products, gold-plating and silver-plating of structural components as well as the production of a broad range of single layer gold-plated PCBs. To mention at least some auxiliary technologies, there is production of various types of damping mass, fitting of printed circuits with some special parts, technical support and gluing of large-size technological units or vacuum physical vapor deposition of thin metal layers.