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Leading company in radar technology

ELDIS Pardubice, s.r.o. is a company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and managing state of the art radar systems and technologies.

Talking in numbers

more than 25
countries using our products
more than 90 %
of Indian airspace covered
more than 85
radar systems installed
more than 25
years of experience

Radars and radar systems

RL-2000 is the primary surveillance radar of new generation designed to be applied in the context of air traffic in the airport area. The RL-2000 features fully solid-state highly modular configuration, fail-safe system and low life cycle costs.

Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar  developed by ELDIS Pardubice company is fully modular system, which meets or even exceeds ICAO standards and recommendations.

The PAR-E is designed to support the approach and landing control of various aircraft, including the emergency landing due to avionics failure. The radar utilizes an active electronic scanning antenna (AESA) both in the azimuth and the elevation level.

ERDIS - ELDIS Radar Display System – is an ATC Centre system developed by the ELDIS Pardubice company and designed for the ATC centers, i.e. ACC, APP and TWR workplaces. It processes data from particular cooperating systems enabling safe air traffic control.


ELDIS Pardubice, s.r.o.

Delnicka 469, Pardubicky

53301 Pardubice

Czech republic

Phone: +420 466 052 400

Fax:      +420 466 670 423

E-mail: marketing@eldis.cz

GPS: 50°1'27.16"N, 15°49'17.924"E

IČ:    15050742

DIČ: CZ15050742