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RL-2000 Primary Surveillance Radar

Civil Use
Award Winning
Military Use

RL-2000 is the latest generation of ELDIS primary surveillance radars for Terminal Approach Control Area. The radar meets or exceeds EUROCONTROL and ICAO recommendations and standards. The RL-2000 features fully solid-state highly modular configuration, fail-safe system and low life cycle costs. RL-2000 configuration includes weather channel for reporting of actual weather condition in TMA airspace. Basic RL-2000 configuration can be extended by monopulse surveillance secondary radar MSSR-1. This configuration extension is representing integrated system solution to TMA.

Antenna System

The antenna system is shaping double coverage cosec2 illumination pattern. The antenna system can operate in linear or circular polarization, which is adjustable via radar control and monitoring system, to rapidly improve weather clutter rejection.


Transmitter is modular air-cooled solid-state transmitter. The transmitter is operating in full frequency range with frequency diversity for short pulse and long pulse transmission. Design is fault tolerant with low voltage power supply, which allows continuous operation during maintenance. Depending on customer's requirements, the transmitter unit is available in two power versions - 14 or 25 kW, composed of 16 respectively 32 independent modules and assuring minimum detectable range of 60 respectively 80 NM.

RF Generator

RF generator is digital waveform synthesizer, which provides optimum number of short and long pulses over coverage period. Short pulse and long pulse waveforms are generated fully digitally.


Receiver is of superheterodyne type with double frequency down conversion. The high dynamic range is achieved by direct IF A/D conversion. The receiver has full digital automatic gain control, which is improving receiver stability and gain calibration. The receiver BITE diagnostics measures on-line receiver performance parameters, including noise figure.

Signal Processor

The signal processor is based on 64-bit processors with high computing performance. Real time application software is written in “C” language, which provides efficient application solution for adaptive MTD processing. Signal processor performs the digital pulse compression for long pulses, the Doppler filtering through a bank of Doppler filters, adaptive CFAR filtering and the target detection and extraction. Adaptive CFAR filtering includes scan to scan filtration criterion evaluation and weather mapping. Extraction process involves using of filter amplitude for range/azimuth target coordinates evaluation and their accuracy improvement.

RL-2000 System Parameters

Frequency 2700 MHz – 2900 MHz
Antenna gain 34 dB
Cone of silence 45°
Polarization Linear/Circular
Short/Long pulse width 2×1.2 μs and 2×40.8 μs
Long pulse compression ratio 1/40.8 (programmable)
Probability of Detection (RCS=1m2) < 0,8
Peak power 14 kW /25 kW
Minimum detectable range 60 NM (14 kW) / 80 NM (25 kW)
Receiver noise figure 1.5 dB
Signal processor Adaptive MTD
Clutter improvement factor 55 dB
Range accuracy/resolution 75 m / 230 m
Azimuth accuracy/resolution 0.15° / 2.3° (r.m.s.)
Target processing capacity min. 125 / sec
Output data format ASTERIX Cat. 034, 045, 008, 001, 002



modernisation of OPRL-4 radar (PSR/PAR)


130 sets of receivers for the MPR-3D

Lithuanian Republic

modernisation of 4 sets of P-18 radars (PSR)


modernisation of the RSP-10 radar (PSR)

1 set of MSSR-1 Radar

3 sets of RL-2000 Radars

3 sets of PAR Radars


2 sets of RL-2000 / MSSR-1

modernisation of RSP-10 radar (PSR)

installation of 3 sets of ATC system


modernisation of 3 sets of RP-3G (PAR)

Russian Federation

1 set of PAR-E radar

modernisation of 2 sets of RP-5G (PAR)


1 set of RL-2000 / MSSR-1 Radar

South Korea

2 sets of MSSR-1 Radars


modernisation of 3 sets of PSR radars


modernisation of 3 sets of ASR NEC radars and delivered ATC systems

1 set of collocated RL-2000 / MSSR-1 Radar

Republic of Indonesia

6 sets of MSSR-1 Radars

1 set of RL-2000 / MSSR-1 Radar


14 sets of RL-2000 / MSSR-1 Radars

9 modernisations of PAR-1

1 modernisation of ARSR radar (L-band and delivered ATC system)


1 set of MSSR-1 Radar

Equatorial Guinea

5 sets of RL-2000 / MSSR-1 Radars

1 set of RL-2000 Radar


1 set of RL-2000 / MSSR-1 Radar


1 set of MSSR-1 Radar


2 sets of  RL-2000 / MSSR-1 Radars

4 sets of MSSR-1 Radars

Czech Republic

4 sets of RPL-2000 radars (RL-2000 / MSSR-1 / PAR-E)

2 sets of RL-2000


modernisation of 3 sets of PSR/SSR/PAR radars


1 set of collocated RL-2000/MSSR-1 radar

3 sets of MSSR-1 radars