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ERDIS - ELDIS Radar Display System

ERDIS - ELDIS Radar Display System – is an ATC Centre system developed by the ELDIS Pardubice company
and designed for the ATC centers, i.e. ACC, APP and TWR workplaces.
ERDIS is an important element of the ATC systems, which crucially participates on establishing and outfitting the
set of means for the air traffic control in the air space of the regional control centre and in the terminal controlled
airport area. It processes data from particular cooperating systems enabling safe air traffic control, and it also
actively communicates with surrounding systems:

  • Regional and airport radars – Primary surveillance radars (PSR) and monopulse surveillance secondary
  • radars (MSSR) including the S-mode extension.
  • Data and information systems – ADS-B, ADS-C, CPDLC, AFTN, METEO, INFO, ...
  • Radio and telephone communication systems
  • Unified time distribution system (NTP, …)
Data Interfaces
  • Reception and displaying the AD, MTD and METEO analogue video signals from the airport PSR primary surveillance radar.
  • Reception, processing and displaying digital data from the PSR and MSSR radars.
  • Configurable data inputs formats (ASTERIX, AIRCAT 500, MARTELLO, APOI, CD2,...),
  • Standardized data outputs (ASTERIX).
  • AFTN Interface – Automatic exchange of flight plans.
  • QNH Interface – Automatic/manual update of QNH for correct altitude display.
  • Detection STCA (short term conflicts), MSAW (minimum safe altitude warning) and DAIW (danger area infringement warning)
  • S-Mode data reception and processing
Data Processing
  • RDPS - Radar Data Processing Server process selected input radar data lines and generate composite multiradar information
  • FDPS – Flight Data Processing Server process all types of flight data information on AFTN network
  • AIDS – Aeronautical Information Data Server receive and process aeronautical data (NOTAMs), meteorogical broadcast messages (MET), aerodrome information, aeronautical charts
  • DLPS – Data Link Processing Server control processing of Data Link information (CPDLC, ADS-B, ADS-C)
  • DRPS – Data Recording and Playback Server system objective documentation provide:
    • Synchronized data recording and replaying, incl. voice communication channels, data links, flight information
    • Data recording at RAID field and duplication on external media (DVD, DAT tapes, ...).
    • Exporting replayed situation to the AVI file.
  • CCMS – central control and monitoring system.
  • RDD and TDU – Radar Data Display and Tabular Data Display are designated for presentation above mentioned data on controller and maintenance workstations.
ERDIS System Characteristics
  • The system is open, extendable, configurable, safe.
  • The system meets standards and recommendations of EUROCONTROL for ATC systems.
  • User friendly HMI.
  • ERDIS system is designed for H24 continuous operation.
  • Dual LAN compatibility for system reliability and data security enhancement.
  • Data and communication servers use automatically switched MASTER – STANDBY system for the hot-swap backup safety.
  • Configuration of air traffic control workplaces into the system, and activation of the targets handing over capability (HAND OVER) to particular workplaces.
  • Alarm Generator – Emergency (SSR: 7500, 7600, 7700).
  • Flight Plan Database – Containing active and repetitive flight plans.
    • Flight Plan Editor – Integrated easy-to-use editor (detailed/short form).
    • Displaying electronic strips,
    • Strip printer interface
ERDIS Displays Characteristics
  • Multi-layered Display – Map/objects shown in distinct layers.
  • Display and editing map backgrounds, their time activation and deactivation.
  • In dependence on the workplace type and processing level, targets of following type can be displayed:
    • Plot from particular connected PSR and MSSR output
    • Track from particular connected PSR and MSSR and passive systems output
    • Combined multiradar information Track / Flight Plan Correlation – Automatic or manual association of FPL and track data.
  • Dynamic Zoom and Off- centering – Supported by mouse and/or keyboard.
  • User-defined Views – Selectable and configurable through intelligent toolbar buttons.
  • Picture In Picture Display
  • Cursor Lines – Approximating arrival time, distance, track and altitude.
  • Prediction Vector – Dynamic selection of speed vector
  • Target history position displaying (sequential quenching of analogue video signal, digital targets position – “History dots”)
  • Color-coded Tracks – Configurable color coding for tracks (Emergency, Warnings, Correlated, Non-correlated, Controlled, Selected, etc.)
  • Dynamic Labeling – Cursor-sensitive expansion of track labels.
    • Essential and extended label for targets


modernisation of OPRL-4 radar (PSR/PAR)


130 sets of receivers for the MPR-3D

Lithuanian Republic

modernisation of 4 sets of P-18 radars (PSR)


modernisation of the RSP-10 radar (PSR)

1 set of MSSR-1 Radar

3 sets of RL-2000 Radars

3 sets of PAR Radars


2 sets of RL-2000 / MSSR-1

modernisation of RSP-10 radar (PSR)

installation of 3 sets of ATC system


modernisation of 3 sets of RP-3G (PAR)

Russian Federation

1 set of PAR-E radar

modernisation of 2 sets of RP-5G (PAR)


1 set of RL-2000 / MSSR-1 Radar

South Korea

2 sets of MSSR-1 Radars


modernisation of 3 sets of PSR radars


modernisation of 3 sets of ASR NEC radars and delivered ATC systems

1 set of collocated RL-2000 / MSSR-1 Radar

Republic of Indonesia

6 sets of MSSR-1 Radars

1 set of RL-2000 / MSSR-1 Radar


14 sets of RL-2000 / MSSR-1 Radars

9 modernisations of PAR-1

1 modernisation of ARSR radar (L-band and delivered ATC system)


1 set of MSSR-1 Radar

Equatorial Guinea

5 sets of RL-2000 / MSSR-1 Radars

1 set of RL-2000 Radar


1 set of RL-2000 / MSSR-1 Radar


1 set of MSSR-1 Radar


2 sets of  RL-2000 / MSSR-1 Radars

4 sets of MSSR-1 Radars

Czech Republic

4 sets of RPL-2000 radars (RL-2000 / MSSR-1 / PAR-E)

2 sets of RL-2000


modernisation of 3 sets of PSR/SSR/PAR radars


1 set of collocated RL-2000/MSSR-1 radar

3 sets of MSSR-1 radars